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Who are we?

We are a human centered design collective that deals with community driven projects to achieve a sustainable solution. Sounds a little complicated huh.

But really, we just like to do sustainable stuff with the communities! Sounds much better.

Here's a little story about how we came up with our name.


why 'ETHNO':

Ethno is simply people. We love people and we are a human centered design collective. We work with all races, tribes, genders and communities. We believe that Africa has the potential to create ground breaking sustainable solutions so we should give Africa a chance and a seat at the table.


why 'design':

Design is the backbone of how we choose to tackle the world's problems. This is a powerful tool that affects more than one person hence making it the perfect tool to tackle various SDG's. We believe design is for everyone and does not discriminate.

Hey, i just noticed an 'x' in your logo

you must have a very good eye


This 'x' in dXsign is our commitment to serving everyone regardless of their race, background, religion, community, gender and sexual identity. We subscribe to one tribe. Human.

Ethnodesign Tshirt back.png
Solutions can be easy to come up with, but are they humane and tailored to the people?

Our solutions checkbox

Sometimes we forget that the solutions need to be humane. We also forget what is is to be a human or person. Well, here's a little recap.




having or showing compassion or benevolence.





​human beings in general or considered collectively.


Look at our services and you will get a feel of what we do.

Sometimes it's hard to explain what you stand for in a nut shell. Here are our services so you can understand us better.

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